Award to Solomon Schechter Day School of Metropolitan Chicago

The Solomon Schechter Day School of Metropolitan Chicago has been awarded a three-year Tefilah Grant. The school was invited to apply because of Dr. Lena Kushnir’s reputation as a dynamic, creative, and effective educator.

The grant will be used to enrich the Tefilah program for all students in truly creative and meaningful ways, including allowing them to:

  • deepen the students’ personal engagement and connection with their Tefilah experience,
  • build connections between the students’ Tefilah experience and our school’s core values and values-based programs,
  • create more opportunities for parents to attend services with their children and to offer adult education focused on the area of Tefilah,
  • allow the school’s educators to engage in best practice professional development,
  • enable the school to provide diverse instructional materials to use throughout our students’ Tefilah practice,
  • create spaces for prayer that are welcoming and instill a sacred feeling, and
  • use technology when appropriate to engage students more fully in their Tefilah experience.

Rav Uri Allen, Director of Jewish Life and Learning, is starting to meet with the Tefilah instructors to move forward with this exciting initiative.