25 Epstein Students Take First Place At 2012 NAJS Technology Fair

At Epstein, we recognize that in today’s technology-driven world, high-tech, multimedia skills are important for success in the 21st Century and beyond. We are pleased to announce that 25 Epstein students took 1st place honors and 47 students placed in the top 3 at the 2012 NAJS Technology Fair.  These exceptional students demonstrated their mastery of technology and will now go on to compete in the state level competition, the 2012 Georgia Educational Technology Fair. Epstein students are fortunate to experience an advanced technology environment from a very early age. “It is very exciting and rewarding to see how many of our students consistently place so highly year after year at the Technology Fair,” stated technology educator Leora Wollner. Congratulations to all our winners.

Photo ID’s (Left to Right)
Back Row:  Darelle David, Daniel Stern, Jeffrey Parmet, Alexa Rakusin , Sloan Wyatt, Yoel Alperin, Sophie Yagoda
Middle Row:  Jordan Lalli, David Weinberg, Isabel Berlin, Hallie Bernstein, Josh Weinberg, Ariel Mesnick, Jared Rakusin, Lily Schneider, Shira  Alperin,
Front Row:  Avi Pearlman, Micayla Pollak, Aliza Gold, Tess Berman, Hannah Feldstein, Chloe Capes, Asher Fitterman, Noam Friedman, Caroline Schneider

Placements & Projects:
1st Place: Tess Berman & Noam Friedman – Multimedia Applications – 3rd Grade
1st Place: Micayla Pollak & Caroline Schneider – Web 2.0 Internet Applications – 3-4 Grade
1st Place: Asher Fitterman – Technology Literacy Challenge – 3-4 Grade
1st Place: Asher Fitterman & Avi Pearlman – Robotics – 3-4 Grade
1st Place: Jordan Lalli & Chloe Capes – Digital Video Production – 3-4 Grade
1st Place: Hannah Feldstein & Shira Alperin – Animated Graphic Design – 3-4 Grade
1st Place: Aliza Gold – Multimedia Applications – 4th Grade
1st Place: Isabel Berlin – Multimedia Applications – 5th Grade
1st Place: Sophie Yagoda – Non-Multimedia Applications – 5–6 Grade
1st Place: Jeffrey Parmet – Non-Animated Graphic Design – 5–6 Grade
1st Place: Daniel Stern – Animated Graphic Design – 5–6 Grade
1st Place: Jared Rakusin – Digital Photography – 5–6 Grade
1st Place: Lily Schneider & Sloan Wyatt – Web 2.0 Internet Applications – 5–6 Grade
1st Place: Josh Weinberg & David Weinberg – 3D Modeling – 5–6 Grade
1st Place: Ariel Mesnick & Hallie Bernstein – Multimedia Applications – 6th Grade
1st Place: Yoel Alperin – Technology Literacy Challenge- 7-8 Grade
1st Place: Yoel Alperin & Darelle David – 3D Modeling – 7-8 Grade
1st Place: Yoel Alperin – Project Programming – 7-8 Grade
1st Place: Alexa Rakusin – Digital Photography – 7-8 Grade